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Rhactastic Rhacs

We have been providing top-quality geckos for many years. We have productions all over the United States as well as in several other countries.. Our dedication to provide you with a quality animals and supplies is our passion.  We hand-pick and research every item stocked on our shelves, allowing you to be at ease when shopping with us. Browse our extensive selection today.

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What we offer

Do you have isopods, jumping spiders, or a new caledonian gecko at home? Maybe you're thinking about getting one? Then you are definitely in the right location! We offer a variety of different isopods, jumping spiders, new caledonian geckos, as well as a few other geckos, amphibians, inverts and supplies.  Browse our site to explore new offerings or stop by in person at one of the shows we've vending at to say hi. If you have questions or need professional advice, our dedicated staff is here to help.

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Our Approach

We've been dedicated on providing high quality animals for every price point for over 15 years. It's not just a business, it's a passion. We're most noted for our extreme harlequin crested geckos but our passion shows in all of our projects.

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