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                                              TERMS OF SALE




Sex is only gaurenteed if gecko says Male or Female. If it has in its listing possible or probable or no pores seen when louped there is no gaurentee.

Unsexed: louped and no pores present ,though too small/young to be able to know for sure.

Possible: seeing a few spots that look like they maybe the start of pores or a gecko over 6grams showing no pores.

Probable: Gecko showing likely pores or a gecko over 10grams with out pores.


I'm more than willing to work out a short term payment plan with you on purchases over $200 to qualified buyers. Please contact me to work out arrangements.

For local pick up: the remaining balance must be paid for in cash at time of pick up.

For geckos being shipped: I must have the full amount paid for before I will ship your animal out.


No gecko will be placed on hold with a deposit amount agreed upon by both parties. My deposit standard is half down. Short term plans totaling under $250 must be paid off in 4weeks $500 or higher 8 weeks

If you purchase an unsexed or probable/possible sexed gecko and while waiting for shippment it develops pores (or lack of) I'm not held accountable. Probable and Possible are NOT a gaurenteed sex. I can take pics of the vent before deposit so you can see for yourself if your looking for a certain sex.  

All Sales are final. Amount paid is a non refundable retainer. After money is placed on an animal there is NO refunds. If buyer changes their mind prior to shipment they will be charged a 30% "restocking" fee. The remaining balance will be given as store credit only. If buyer changes their mind on the sale they will no longer be allowed payment plans and must make future purchases paid in full.


Paypal or cash (cash for local pick up only). Payment must be paid in full before gecko/geckos are shipped.


 Shipping price is NOT included in the geckos pricing unless otherwise stated. I guarantee live arrival. In the very unlikely event you have a DOA (dead on arrival). You must contact me within a half hour of delivery. If you're picking your gecko/geckos from a fedex location you have a half hour to contact me of DOA after package pickup. Your package must be picked up on the date it is delivered. You must provide me with clear pics of everything. DO NOT discard the gecko, box, or packaging without me giving you the ok. Doing so may void guarantee. There's no refunds  or price cuts if your gecko loses its tail in shipping. If your gecko arrives safely but late, I'm sorry but I do not offer shipping refunds. Unfortunately I have no control over how the gecko/geckos are treated and cared for once they leave my care. I do not offer any guarantee aside from live arrival.

I ship Monday-Wednesday only.

We use FedEx to ship your geckos to you overnight priority. No other delivery method is available.

Rarely Fedex has delays. There is no shipping amount refund on late arrivals.


I'll ship when temperature is over 45F as a low and under 82F temps must be in the safe zone in both my location and yours. Temperatures above 80F must be held at a FedEx staffed facility for hold for pick up.  I only ship Monday-Wendnesday.

I'll hold your paid gecko/geckos for as long as it takes for shipping weather to be safe.

Once deposit or payment is received its Non Refundable. If shipping temps are in the unsafe zone I will hold your gecko until safe weather arrives. Please keep in mind in the summer or winter months this can be a 3-4+ month period to get both locations in the safe zone.


 You must be 18 years or older to purchase one of my geckos. If underage a legal guardian must make the purchase for you.  

I reserve the right to cancel or deny the sale of any of my geckos if I believe you to be an unfit care giver.