Springtail Culture

Springtail Culture

Springtail culture on clay bearing substrate. Clay can maintain a healthy culture. No need to switch them to soil or charcoal after receiving. Benefits of clay over charcoal- During the shipping process charcoal moves around killing many springtails it also has a tendency to build up in gas if the box gets shaken, this can have damaging effects. Using clay instead of charcoal makes it much safer to ship by avoiding these common issues. It also makes feeding and seeding easier and faster. Just a quick tap of the side of the cup is all you need.


Shipping is $15 we can combine additional invertebrate purchases at no addition cost. Please note that if you have them delivered to your home make sure someone is there for their arrival. You can go to the FedEx website, enter your tracking information and request to receive text notifications. The boxes are NOT marked with the contents.

If you would like your purchase held at your local FedEx center for pick up please let us know in the notes section at check out

Live arrival guarantee- purchases are guaranteed to arrive alive. If in the unlikely event of a dead on arrival you will receive a replacement order. In order to quality for the live arrival guarantee I must be notified within 20minutes of home delivery. For hold for pick up orders I must be notified within a half hour of pick up. Hold for pick up orders must be picked up on the day they arrive.

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