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                          Crested Gecko Guide


Crested Geckos are arboreal and enjoy an enclosure that is taller. Smaller geckos under 10 grams should be kept in a smaller enclosure. I keep mine in a small sized kritter keeper or like sized container until 5 grams and then they go in a medium Kritter keeper (or like sized container) until 10 grams. It should have many places to climb and hide to feel secure. It’s important to give your gecko a few days to get used to his or her new home before handling. Adult sized cresteds should be kept in a minimum 15 gallon for a single adult.

They need plants (fakes fine) and hides. They are arboreal and need vines or other things to climb on.

 Housing two or more crested geckos- Housing more than one female can be done with caution, it is not recommended. Never add more than one male per enclosure as fighting and possible death will occur. If you intend on breeding or housing male and female crested geckos you will need to make sure your animals healthy by checking how fit it is for breeding, it’s weight and making sure your female has full calcium sacs are factors. A female should be at least 40 grams and a male at least 35 grams before introducing. Research, Research, Research!! Please understand you won’t get rich from it, it takes time, dedication, funds, and love for this hobby.  There are many breeders to compete with sales and only the highest quality animals fetch high prices.

Always give breeders a cooling period. Always quarantine new animals. I like to quarantine for 12 weeks to insure the safety of my geckos.


Avoid husks, bark, or any like substrate as they can cause impaction. Paper towel, reptile carpet (with caution), and coco fiber are much better choices.


Crested geckos do fine at room temperature in most homes. The enclosure should be kept at temps 70-80 degrees F. They can be kept as low as 65 during the cooling months for night drops but should never exceed 80 for a high as stress and possible death may occur.


Crested geckos are nocturnal and do not require any UVB or other bulbs. They do still need a proper photo period.



You should spray the enclosure lightly twice daily. The enclosure needs time to dry out before its next spray.


Staple diet should be a complete powdered food mixed with water. Such as Pangea complete and Repashy. Insects are optional and should not make up more than 25% of your geckos monthly diet. Do not feed insects on loose substrate.


Mix powdered food 1 part powder per 2 parts dechlorinated water.  Feed every third day. Don’t be alarmed if your gecko doesn’t right away. The stress from moving to a new home can affect its appetite. To help reduce stress, avoid handling for the first week until it gets used to its new home.

 Crested geckos don’t eat much. A cap from a gallon jug works great as a food bowl. 

DO NOT FEED BABY FOOD- Regardless to what the pet store suggest you should never feed your gecko baby food. It leads to a number of health issues, the most common MBD Metabolic bone disease.

I Always provide a shallow water dish for drinking

This is a brief care guide. If you have any questions or coments please contact me. Thanks